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Here’s our OnePager (as of January 2017). If you have been at ARISE:Life awhile and interested in leading or starting something, the first step is always, making a one-pager which captures the Who, What, Why, Where, When & How of what you want to do and helps you think it through.  To facilitate that we’ve made an online form which guides you through that process – Make Your Own One-Pager.

ARISE:Life OnePager

Vision: To equip, empower and release for the coming Harvest!

Mission: Develop a viral culture where in the midst of community people discover who they are and what they are called to do and how it fits into the larger Kingdom of God.


  • Developing Coaches/Captains/Team Members paradigm
    • to launch ministries, businesses & enterprises
    • and so serve the needs of the community
  • Multi-use space which allows for local & virtual interactive events, trainings, schools & conferences.

Goals (achieved):

  • Launched community where people are dreaming and daring for destiny
  • Coaches for Worship, Pastoral, Community Development, & Children with Captains being developed.
  • Leased space and bidding out buildout.

Future Goals:


  • Develop and Support Coaches


  1. Who – Our Existing Coaches (and through them the Captains)
  2. Why – Our goal is not activity or programs but equipping and empowering identity and passion
  3. What – Coaches Gatherings and Coaches & Captains Gatherings
  4. When – Monthly
  5. Where – at our house


  • Identify and Promote New Leaders


  1. Who – We always first must identify who is called and what they are called to and how they relate to ARISE:Life vision, mission and leadership.
  2. Why – What’s their passion? It doesn’t matter what needs to be done. What is in their heart? And does it line up with the ARISE:Life vision, mission & leadership.
  3. What – We definitely have areas we’re praying for leadership in various areas, but again, Who & Why always precede this.
  4. When – Ongoing Continual Process
  5. Where – Helping each person realize if they are called to lead in ARISE:Life or in the world or in a ministry outside of ARISE:Life. If it is within ARISE:Life then getting them navigated to the Coach or Captain over their area to help them develop their passion.


  • Complete Buildout


  1. Who – Choose best bid
  2. Why – To continue to focus on building a Body rather than a building. So that the space serves the Body and not the reverse.
  3. What – A Multi-purpose space that maximizes the capability of each ministry and outreach without creating dependence. Finding a good coffeehouse partner to run the building and keep it open during the week.
  4. When – So that we’re moved in for Easter.
  5. Where – 2535 Hickory Grove, Acworth, GA 30101