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Right after the Gathering Sunday, we’ll be meeting in the Arrows Room with a Pizza Lunch provided!

We had such an amazing time dreaming into Outreach together all a few weeks ago and so now we wanted to have a followup meeting to actually start planning for how we can all work together to reach the lost and get them connected to and growing in the Body!

As before, we want to say this meeting is open to all and that we are in particular focusing on outreach that conveys the Gospel and brings the lost into a real and obvious encounter with the person of Jesus Christ. And for that to work we need three types of people working together in concert:

Evangelists – People who supernatural lead people to Christ

Connectors – People who then connect with those persons who have received Christ and in turn connect them up with the larger Body

Disciplers – People who then take those people, train them, heal them, encourage & mentor them, in order to send them back out into the Harvest fields!

Real Activity: To make that possible we’ll be dividing up into the three areas and dreaming about 1) How we can ensure that they people who get saved, get connected to the church AND discipled and 2) What is at least one specific activity or ministry that those in that area want to do together as ARISE:Life!