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Our vision is for each person to discover their purpose, create goals, design plans, discover partners, and to start walking in their God-given destiny.
Leadership in ARISE:Life means empowering people to empower people.

How to Get Involved at ARISE:Life

First – Jump in! Get involved or serve in existing ministries and small groups. Take part in one of our Academies. Just take time & explore ARISE:Life! To find where you fit, you gotta step outside your comfort zone and discover parts of you that you didn’t even know were there!

Next – do you have a passion and an idea of how to pursue it within our community? Then take a moment and write out your vision using our OnePager and then we’ll connect with a mentor in that area to walk you through the next steps to understanding where it fits!

Then – grow over time from leading an event or a small group into leading a larger area within our community. For example perhaps you put on a tea for moms that eventually grows into a multi-faceted ministry to mothers. Whatever you do though, keep dreaming and keep growing!

Whatever passion God has given you, we want to be a part of empowering you to pursue it.
Get Connected!